Not for sure about you but I am tired of the continual mindset of when I eat something, of asking myself if it was worth the calories and how much gym time is that going to be?  Totally done with that.  I have been a self-proclaimed foodie my entire live.  I was blessed to have parents that instilled the love of gardening and knowing how to cook from it.  There never was a separate menu of the kids eat this and the adults eat that.  You ate what was on the table and you had to try at least one bite.  Growing up watching cooking shows and reading cookbooks was there from an early age.

Most of the recipes you will find at The Honest Skillet are dairy free or near dairy free.    As I am leveling up in my adult years, fresh dairy products are wrecking havoc on my gastrointestinal tract.  After going strict vegetarian for a month then adding in food groups per process of elimination I found that fresh dairy is not as nice to me as it once was.  So, my mission has been to recreate some of my favorite recipes with non-dairy alternatives.

The Honest Skillet is all about eating food the way it was meant to be.  In its unmodified state of deliciousness.  Yes, food should be about nutrition and feeding the body but, it also needs to be enjoyed.

I have rinsed and repeated recipes to make them more health conscious.  With this being said, the premise of the recipe is still there.  You need to remember that the taste will NOT be the exact same in replication as the ingredients are not exact.  So, open your mind to alternatives to some of your favorite foods or even new-to-you creations!  Daily eating that is simple, nutritious and most importantly an experience leaving the taste buds satisfied.

Straight forward eating.