If you read my article on freezing sweet corn, you will find a common theme here on how I prepare garden produce for winter.  Blueberries are no exception.

Instead of using the vacuum sealer bags I use the standard freezer bags.  I like these since they are durable and can be rinsed and reused.  Sort out the blueberries, getting rid of the mushed or shriveled ones.  Wash.  Make sure the are very dry.  Place in freezer bag and freeze.  I like to lay the bags flat so they stack nicer in the freezer.  That simple.

Blueberries are excellent source of nutrients to improve brain functioning.  Since my dad is recovering from a stroke from earlier this year and I am looking at ways to continue with therapy and recovery since he has been home…what better way to work on fine motor skills and improving concentration than sorting and putting blueberries in a bag???  I like to call this practical application of therapy in the home!  It is a win for everyone.

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