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Summer in the Midwest of the USA is here and sweet corn is everywhere.

This type of corn is not the stuff you see on the interstates as you drive through the “fly-over” states in the middle of the country.  This is the smaller stalks of corn that produce a sweeter, snappier, smaller ear of corn that is typically ready to harvest starting in the first part of July.  It is ate fresh and not dried as the field corn typically seen.

Most people take the kernels off the cob and freeze.  This works awesome but is messy and time consuming to do.  There are several ways to freeze corn on the cob.  Through trial and error I noticed when I blanched or partially cooked the corn and then cooled it quickly, then froze it without or with using the vacuum sealed bags, the corn would have a chalky cob taste to it.

My dad has taught me the value of a good freezer and has experimented with me for years on what is the best way to preserve the garden produce.  As a kid I remember watching my mom in the kitchen canning everything.  She made it look so easy.  I, on the other hand, am still leery of using my InstaPot to cook with and opt to freeze everything.  To me the produce is fresher tasting.

Problem solved.  Freeze it fresh!  It works.  Once the husk and silks have been removed, put in a vacuum sealed freezer bag, and freeze.  I typically put 3 ears of corn per bag.  That is the serving that I typically use the most.  Once you are ready to use, pull bag out of freezer, and put in boiling water for 5-10 minutes.  Simple.  Simple.  Simple.

Now, I have not tried taking the frozen corn on the cob and putting it in the toaster oven.  That will be a later this year experiment.  I will see what is better, thawing it first or putting it in frozen and adding extra time….hmmmmm.  Either way, having fresher tasting sweet corn this winter is going to be a naturally sweet treat.


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