We be meal preppin’


Wondering what my meal prep looks like?


On weekends I usually cook up meat.

PS-working on a super easy marinade.

Anyhow, I chop and prep vegetables and fruits and cook up rice or quinoa then store for later. Even salad toppers of green onions, bacon crumbles they all get made ahead. Then I add flavorings throughout the week.

This isn’t all of it. Just a glimpse of what it looks like. I have my marinated chicken thighs, my latest obsession of my own breakfast patties ( thehonestskillet.blog) romaine lettuce and red onion leftover from the weekend, several fried hamburger patties to make my hamburger salad.

When you prep your meals think about how you can tie ingredients together. Leftover lettuce and red onion prompted me to go… haven’t made hamburger salad in a while. Boom๐Ÿ‘Š there is 2 lunches. Extra hamburger patties can pair with roasted cauliflower or brussel sprouts. The cauliflower left overs can be stirred in with other peppers, any left over red onions and meat of choice for an easy Chinese or Southwestern flavored meal.

Welcome to my brain.

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  1. I love this line of thinking. One major obstacle to good health is too much spontaneity. People get way too hungry then just go for what looks good in the moment without thinking about the long-term impact on their health. Having a strategy like this will definitely help!

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