Egg muffins made easy


Print recipe here:

The seriously the easiest egg muffins ever

  1. Grease standard size muffin tin
  2. Pour ¼ to ½ full of egg white product or one whole eggs per well
  3. Place large spoonful of salsa of choice into well
  4. Place chopped turkey into well
  5. Give light stir and cook 20-25 minutes at 350
  6. Take out while still warm…..seriously, that easy

You can also add in any and all combos, I am also guilty of adding veggies and meats from previous meals to the egg white, it is fun to experiment for new fun tastes and they never get boring:

Chopped and precooked broccoli

Chopped and precooked cauliflower

Chopped and broiled asparagus

Chopped and precooked sweet potato, onion and/or pepper of any color

Chopped spinach or kale

Nitrate-nitrite free ham or turkey chopped or placed in the bottom of the muffin tin to act as a muffin wrapper, also prosciutto

Precooked sausage

Black beans

Salsa of all kinds

Any fresh or dried herb.  Remember that you use less of the dried then the fresh version

Chopped mushrooms

Red pepper flakes

Literally any of your favorite dried or fresh herb seasoning mix



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