Eggs, guacamole, and PrimalPalate adobo seasoning, yes please!


Anything but fancy. Quick post WOD meal. The temp gauge in Muscatine, Iowa says a hundo but my body said lets go!

For time:
400m run
21 20# wallball front squats
42 bicycle crunches
21 russian twists
400m run
15 20# wallball front squats
30 bicycle crunches
15 russian twists
400m run
9 20# wallball gront squats
18 bicycle crunches
9 russian twists
400m run

Post WOD meal-

1. Yellow onion, diced and saute in coconut oil
2. 1 egg- scramble
3. @primalpalate Adobo seasoning
4. Once plated add Guacamole
This is seriously the easiest and best ever!

Did I mention to go check out @PrimalPalate??? There is a spice sale going on!
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