Breakfast Pizza



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Makes 2 individual size pizzas
½ pound ground pork. Brown well
1 Tablespoon fennel seed
1 teaspoon of Primal Palate’s Breakfast Blend
2 Tablespoons of nutritional yeast
Ground pepper and salt to taste
¼ cups cashew cream
2 tablespoons of coconut milk
½ cup diced yellow onion
2 eggs scrambled in 1 tsp coconut oil, ghee, or butter
Olive oil, used to coat pizza crusts and to drizzle over pizza once done
2 flat bread pre-made pizza crusts. I like to use Italian seasoned but I have tried others and it is your preference. I like the 6-8 inch size pizzas that come 2 in a package.
Follow pre-heating directions per pre-made crust package.
Wipe crust with olive oil paying close attention to cover the edges.
In a small container, make a paste spread for the sauce. Combine:
Fennel, Primal Palate’s Breakfast Blend, cashew cream, coconut milk and nutritional yeast.
Divide and spread half of the mixture on top of each pizza crust. This will be thick, I recommend using the back side of a spoon to smooth it out. Then divide the eggs, pork and onion in half putting each half on the pizza.
Sprinkle each pizza with ground pepper and cook pizza per package directions. When done drizzle with olive oil, cut and serve.

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