Hamburger salad

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Step away from the bun and get your summertime go-to salad on! This hamburger salad is so versatile.  Make one for yourself or bring the potluck pleaser.  The ingredients are listed for one or two salads but can be converted to feed the crowd.

Single serve for meal or 2 sides


¼ bag (per person) pre-chopped bag mixed lettuce

1 tomato seeded and diced

½ white or yellow onion diced

½ cup (per person) 1 pound Ground hamburger, browned & drained

1-2 dill pickles, sliced or diced

Paleo friendly mayo

Paleo friendly mustard

Salt and Pepper as desired

Potluck –n-picnic version

Estimate a fourth of a bag of lettuce per person

Cut up about a ½-1# of tomatoes, halving cherry or grape tomatoes is an option here

1 onion

1-1.5 pounds of hamburger

Paleo mayo and mustard can go into squeeze bottles.

I would set everything out in separate containers or divided containers to let everyone build their own.

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  1. Hamburger and salad, together at last! Nicely done.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks! Keeping the dressing simple is what makes the recipe not so salad like.


      1. I added you to the list of links on my site.

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      2. You’re welcome. I mentioned your site on my show today. Check it out!

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  2. Cannot wait to hear it! Thank you so much! Keep up the great work on your articles.


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